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What if you could get more buyers and sellers calling you? Without your paying for duplicate leads? You don’t get paid without performing. Why should you pay for leads? How about attracting new business from what others say about you?
Hello. I’m Jeanette JOY Fisher. I’ve been in real estate since the 70s. A few years ago, I paid a big company $3,000 per month under contract for leads. The first year was great! During the second year, they sold my Zip code to 17 other agents. The problem? Our neighborhood with only 5,000 homes and lots closed about ten properties a month.
Premier Agent Media understand real estate agents because we are real estate agents. We’re here to help you. Premier Agent Media teams with established online marketers. We bring in social media influencers and YouTube video masters. Our unique Publicity Program practices collaboration and cooperation instead of competition.
Premier Agent Media’s system, a blend of Content Marketing and Social Media Broadcasting drives traffic to you. The content showcases you as the most knowledgeable real estate agents in your local area. Only ONE EXCLUSIVE agent per Zip code accepted.

Real Estate Agent Marketing without Propaganda or Persuasion

Are you ready to add excitement to your marketing?
Do you want to simplify your client attraction systems?
Would you like to jump into the top agents in your neighborhood?


Branding and storytelling create credibility. Premier Agent Media broadcasts your story. We let prospects know you accept the challenge to keep current. We tell buyers and sellers how you follow technology, laws, and market fluctuations.

We ask your clients what their biggest problem is when finding or selling a home. We help you establish your knowledge, passion, and purpose to find their solution.

Become that agent who focuses your brand purpose into action. Your clients must trust you. We help you build a promising brand of truthfulness and distinction.
Your client journey must be seamless, friendly, and informative. Clients expect excellence, engagement, and personalized VIP treatment. Let’s take a few minutes to see if you match our client criteria. Book a fifteen-minute strategy session with Jeanette JOY Fisher. Text “strategy” to (714) 775-2252. This is not an automated phone. Jeanette will text you back ASAP.